October 31, 2012

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Think Like A Man is an American movie, directed by Tom Story which earned over 80 million dollars in the US box offices this Spring. It is a movie based on a relationship book by the author Steve Harvey, titled, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man”.

I read it a while ago. It’ (more…)


October 14, 2012

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The reason I have been absent for a while from this blog sphere is quite simple.

I have been angry, tired, numb and plain pissed off.

To quote the American author, Terry McMillan, "It's hard to write when you're angry or numb. It's hard to do anything when you're angry or numb".*

(*Getting to (more…)

Ma Vie Française

August 5, 2012

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« On n'aime que ce qu'on ne possède pas tout entier. »
(We love only what we do not wholly possess.)

~Marcel Proust (1871-1922)

It's too hot to blog. Will return when I cool off!

Take care.


June 22, 2012

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There are two things you don't throw out in France - bread and books. In Germany the most important creative social status is given to the musician. In Italy it's the painter. Who's the most important creator in France? It's the writer."

~Bernard Fixot

Publisher XO Publishing

Perhaps I have chosen the right country (more…)


May 11, 2012

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Recently, a person wrote me asking how I handled racism in the South of France. This person claimed they had lived here and found the people extremely racist to the point of driving him out of the country. The writer claimed that they were East Asian and Caucasian.

When I asked him to describe (more…)


April 22, 2012

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I'd like to share with you, on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, the most depressing article I've ever read...

Look in the mirror...and then enjoy the day!

Poaching For Euros: Part 2

March 18, 2012

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Several fellow bloggers have expressed confusion concerning a statement I made on a previous blog entitled Poaching for Euros.

This is the statement: “When a woman enters a foreign culture she instantly acquires the status of the women of that culture. Remember that.”

I believe that my intent in the use of the word (more…)


March 6, 2012

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We tend to rent or buy our French movies because we find it rather penible to sit through a French movie in the theater. When one considers the various regional accents, dialects and all, I usually use the hearing impaired mode as well, to help me along.

Sometimes a French movie plot line vaguely (more…)

Blaxpat Quote For February

February 22, 2012

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author/artist, Barbara Chase Ribaud
“ too muh love like too much rain begets large and bloody pools of discontent. I see my winter marked in your eyes. Whoever told you I was perfection?” excerpt from Valide by Barbara Chase Ribaud

My French Destiny 2012

January 30, 2012

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Who are deeze guys?
Sometimes, I feel a little queezie. Especially on days when I allow my self to contemplate too profoundly on my life, here, in France. I start wondering what will become of us (my husband and I) since we have placed our destiny in the hands of these people:

Nevertheless, each time I slip into (more…)

Is Immitation Truly Flattery? Or Not!

December 30, 2011

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Charles Caleb Colton (1782-1832) was an English cleric, author and art collector who was also well known for his eccentricities. The quote, “Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” has been attributed to this gentleman.

The menorah is described in the Bible as the seven-branched ancient lampstand made of gold and used in the (more…)

A Logical Sequence of Events

November 13, 2011

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Recently I received a letter from a male friend in response to a blog I wrote concerning the precarious situation in regard to the precarious state of the European Union. My friend, a native New Yorker, is an educator, activist and Fulbright scholar and has for decades lived on the West Coast. Here is (more…)

Making Friends

November 8, 2011

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Some have said that, as a foreigner, it's difficult making friends abroad. This is what I tell them:

"The two most misused words in the entire English vocabulary are love and friendship. A true friend would die for you, so when you start trying to count them on one hand, (more…)

The Occupy Wall Street Movement

November 6, 2011

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Being far, far away and all, in France, surrounded by EU madness, I am completely baffled by what this Wall Street Movement is really about.

I’ve been wondering, though, if perhaps this brochure, from the Wall Street Language Institute, may be at the heart of the matter?

Really…they gave me this!

I Was Running Late

October 11, 2011

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I realize that this is October 11th…an entire month after most have posted their remembrance of 9/11. Finally here is mine.

So sorry about running late!

We had already been living in France, in Villefranche Sur Mer, for over two years on that fateful day when we were running late for an (more…)

Falling In Love With French

August 27, 2011

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“Whenever I hear French spoken as I approve, I find myself quietly falling in love”

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quotes (British politician, poet, critic and, 1803-1873

Graffiti in Monaco? Yo Man...That's Whack!

August 4, 2011

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L'Art du Graffitti, Monaco
***Whack: an event, action, or thing which makes no sense or is contrary to a logical course of action; something entirely disagreable or undesirable; A non-sequitor;

ie: "That's whack! "

No way. It's not whack, people...actually it was ***dope!

***dope: adj. cool, nice, awesome

Okay...enough. Since I'm closer to the Woodstock Generation than (more…)