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Swedish artist, Kakode Linde
I promised levity (see last post). Can't deliver it yet. I just can't "shake" that "shock art" cake Happening in Sweden!

Sometimes the public can become so bogged down with concepts of racism that it can miss the entire point in creating controversy.

There is an old proverb that goes: When the axe  Read More 
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This time courtesy of the Swedes...

This leaves me speechless to say the least.

I promise some levity on the next post!

Have a terrific day!
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(google image)
I'd like to share with you, on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, the most depressing article I've ever read...

Look in the mirror...and then enjoy the day!
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Europe according to the future
‘What’s the matter, Martin? You seem very agitated.’ asked Harry Belafonte.

‘Well, I am, because I’ve come upon a thought that I don’t know how to deal with at this moment.’, Martin Luther King, Jr.replied.

‘Well, what is it?’

‘We’ve fought long for integration. It looks like we’re  Read More 
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Etiquette Advice: Part 3

google image
Another excerpt from Madame Authuertta Bozell's Guide to Manners and Proper Behavior:

An invitation is an unsolicited and generous offer of hospitality. It generally takes the form of an invitation to one's home, but it also could take the form of an invitation to a movie, or the theater, to dine  Read More 
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Ettiquette for the Young Homies in the USA: Part2

Another excerpt from Madame Authuretta Bozelle's Guide to Manners Deportment and Proper Behavior:

Mating Rituals

An Affair is Not the same as a one-night stand. An Affair involves two people who are attracted to one another in more ways than the physical, although it naturally begins with at least a spark of  Read More 
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Manners for the "Homies": Part 1

(google image)
Entering a Room: Professionally or Socially.

Upon entering a room, whether it is a social or professional situation, greet everyone (even if it is only
one person) by saying, good morning, good afternoon or good evening...depending on the time of day. If people are already engaged in a conversation, say "excuse  Read More 
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In response to the general reactions of the American public to the murder of Trayvon Marin by George Zimmerman, I would like to offer a quote fro a novel by E.Lynn Harris, entitled Invisible Life:

"Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck...but then again, it might not  Read More 
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