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Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ~E.L. Doctorow

The sequel to GINGERSNAPS takes place in the South of France where a motley group of wealthy Americans search for personal and social fulfillment, giving new meaning to American foreign relations under the new millineum Bush administration!

"Author Delorys Welch Tyson is a keen social observer whose satirical works pull no punches!

"Ladyfingers, the second installment of what Welch-Tyson calls her “Cookie Quartet,” again combines the ingredients of humor and self help in the satirical tale of American gaffes and foibles on the French Riviera."

Madame Arthuretta Bozell is the owner of a discreet
lifestyle makeover service called Ladyfingers. Needless to say, in today’s world, this business has made her fabulously wealthy.
Meet some of her clients:

Amelia Jackson: The internationally famous Pop Diva, who after ending her tumultuous romance with the record mogul, Paxton Cummings, begins a new life on the French Riviera. She becomes embroiled in a passionate affair with her handsome, but mysterious, and much younger Belgian lover.

The Heiress Leslie Vanderhoven:the sole scion of a media dynasty, who has fled her fireman lover for a new life and romance with her East Somarian Sheik in France.

The Countess Sara Haggener: After spending 5 years in the state prison, simply because she had the wrong boyfriend, is finally able to begin life anew.

The Baroness Kitty Von Denmarke: An untimely injury has forced her to end her career as a ballet dancer for the Los Angeles Ballet Company. To make matters worse, a series of humiliating occurrences compel her to flee the country.

Lolly DaLilla, the celebrated Queen of the Las Vegas Strip, has finally landed the man of his dreams…the billionaire shipping magnate, Janus Daropopolis;

With such flamboyant personage populating the French Riviera, it is no wonder that a group of East Somarian kidnappers emerge to lay in wait, for the right moment to take hostages for the political and financial demands of their anti-Sanction Society.
Ladyfingers gives new meaning to American foreign

(Available in Hardcover and Trade Paperback)


"None of the characters in Ladyfingers get along and don't show any respect! When England ruled East Somaria the natives were loyal and respectful and only recognized one Queen and she lived at Buckingham Palace! Had they, the East Somarians, teamed up with the Kings guards instead of a self serving, capitalist American opportunist none of this would have happened. These people allowed a group of daft Cows to use their ill-gotten wealth to wreak havoc on one of England's most popular resorts.

-- Lord Jacob Buffington

"Verrry humorous, with an erotic touch!,

The character Amelia Jackson, the international pop star brings to mind Diana Ross. I am not sure if that was the author's intention, but the idea certainly held me throughout the story.
The author created a new type of American expatriate story, taking place in an unexpected place, with an unexpected and riotous cast of characters. Sexy yet mis-matched couples, gallant opportunists, and eccentric artist types parade through this tale of American misadventures abroad. I thorougly enjoyed this novel.

Trade Paperback


"In this extremely hilarious novel, Delorys Welch-Tyson delves into the psyche of six saucy, sassy, ambitious black women whose lives are turned upside down in the endless escapade of truth or consequences. So, ft you get a craving for something sweet, hard, and downright irresistible, Gingersnaps is for you."
--Charlene A. Berry
Author of Love's Deceptions

"Sure to take its place alongside bestselling contemporary African-American women's fiction -- like Knowing and Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made."
-- the publisher
The Random House Publishing Group

The hilarious National Bestseller, GINGERSNAPS.
The debut novel, Gingersnaps makes the cover of Publishers Weekly!
Gingersnaps: a novel Kindle edition
A sighting on the New York City Subway: Another generation reading GINGERSNAPS: a Novel http://undergroundnewyorkpubliclibrary.com/post/29476964200/gingersnaps-by-delorys-welch-tyson-borrow-i
BLOODLINES: a screenplay Avaliable through Amazon.com

BLOODLINES: a screenplay


It’s 1992 when world-renowned Black American author, Nicolas Freeman dies suddenly of a heart attack. He is 60 years old. He leaves behind an ex-wife, Alva and their 35-year-old daughter, Diane, in New York City. In France, his widow, Odile and their 25-year-old daughter plan to attend the memorial service and the reading of the Will. The two families will be meeting for the first time.

Tensions mount as secrets explode between a divided family on two different continents. Nevertheless, despite the confusion and disillusionment the Will has created, it was obvious that Nicolas had a master plan. Something he was unable to do during his emotionally and professionally turbulent life.

Saint Paul de Vence

Almond Cookie

Almond Cookie is a humorous tale of ethnic identity, political correctness, sexual deceit and manipulation, culminating in cult suicide. The novel takes place in Paris and the South of France.
To Be Released
The Author in Tel Aviv on a research expedition for the fourth installment of the Cookie Quartet entitled, Macaroons.