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My French Destiny 2012

Who are deeze guys?
Sometimes, I feel a little queezie. Especially on days when I allow my self to contemplate too profoundly on my life, here, in France. I start wondering what will become of us (my husband and I) since we have placed our destiny in the hands of these people:

Nevertheless, each time I slip into a mood of apprehension in this regard, I run across a statement like this in the media from the United States:

"But I'm telling you that I'm worried and very, very concerned today when a mother, speaking about her son being in jail, says, 'I'm happy he's in a safe place.' You cannot take that casually!"
~Bill Cosby, in an interview with the newspaper, The Root

Maybe I’ll just call it day and watch a French movie. I’ll tell you all about it later.

What movie, you ask?

Filmmaker, Gabiel Jullien-Laferrière's, Neuilly Sa Mère.

A bientôt!
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