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A Colossal Vacherie in Nice, France

The most politically questionable sculptural installation project in Europe in the last decade has to be that of the completion of the Fountain du Soleil and the Sept Scultures Illuminées de Sept Continents. This monument to something not yet clear to me, now defines the Place Massena, which is in my opinion …the  Read More 
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German edition
Just finished reading the debut novel of Korean American author,Y. Euny Hong. It had me in stitches…as they say. I highly recommend it...a cautionary tale...especially to recent University graduates.

Then I ran across the German translation. The cover was shockingly different from the America edition!

(note: see American cover on  Read More 
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I Was Running Late

google image
I realize that this is October 11th…an entire month after most have posted their remembrance of 9/11. Finally here is mine.

So sorry about running late!

We had already been living in France, in Villefranche Sur Mer, for over two years on that fateful day when we were running late for an  Read More 
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Family Matters

photo by Scott Applewhite A/P



Why is Jimmy laughing...and why do Barack and Geroge Jr. appear to have been separated at birth?
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