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Bad Manners and Repugnant Behavior According to Whoopie

So, yesterday I finished reading Whoopie Goldberg’s book, Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out there? This, to me, was a hilarious book which basically implied that the United States has become a nation of arrogant and smug Philistines!

I would like to share with you a joke from her chapter:  Read More 
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Donald Trump for President?!?

The Donald to run for President....how exciting! LOL! Let's just make sure we check his birth certificate, Okay?
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Wake Up And Live...

This is my response to a recent criticism of my “point-of-view” approach in my novel Ladyfingers

'An Insight Into Black America'
"You give me this advantage," Baldwin once wrote to his white audience. "Whereas you never had to look at me — because you've sealed me away along with sin and hell and death —  Read More 
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Fickle, Fickle Fickle!

From afar, I watched in disbelief.

A relatively unknown black man had emerged, creating ecstatic, cultish zeal with his promise of “change.” Wondering who this obviously charismatic man was, I ordered his biography, “Dreams from My Father.”

As I read this fiction-like approach to memoir describing the exotic background of a mixed race and  Read More 
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Aging Gracefully

Recently an acquaintance of mine who lives in Germany commented on my blog concerning the “Chic of French Women.” To encapsulate his quite lengthy response which was sent to me through my private email, he basically stated his opinion on what he felt was the self -deprecating tendency of American women to use facelifts  Read More 
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"ROOTS" With A Twist

“I am more African than you are!”

This challenge has been hurled at me far too many times for me to count. Actually the first time was in New York, when my French Moroccan dentist stated, “I am an American Citizen…I suppose that makes me “African American. What do you call yourself?

Ah… Read More 
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Racism Reflects Historical Precision In France

A word of advice to American Blacks in France. Don’t let Africans bait you with issues of racism in France. If you are an American and Black in France, confronted with this bait, I suggest you resist the temptation to discuss something we are entirely unqualified to discuss.
I suppose you’re wondering  Read More 
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What On Earth Are They Talking About?

As a long-time expat in France, I need to pose several unanswered questions which have been causing me some sleepless nights, lately:

1) When some groups of people demand that they intend to take America back, who exactly do they feel has invaded and whose culture do they  Read More 
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