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Transference Is the Reason

Why is something like this circulating? It’s not as if I’m lacking in a sense of humor; it’s just that I don’t understand the basis of this joke.

During my University years, I had a number of Caucasian roommates who never ceased to be amazed and ultimately expressed various forms of jealously regarding the fact that I didn’t have to routinely scape hair from my body. You see, the proportion of native American and African blood in omy personal genetic pool rendered it unnecessary to do such a thing. You see…basically….these two groups, including the indigenous populations of Asia tend to have very little body hair.

Now, I realize that President Obama has a direct link through his mother of the Caucasian tribes, but what exactly is the significance of a photo like this?

What would our Caucasian population look like if the hairless ones organized and confiscated all their razors and Epiladies? What do they think they would see refected back at them from their mirrors?

I wonder what the rest of the world thinks of us when they see infantile crap like the above photo emanating from our press and politicians?

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