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Manners for the "Homies": Part 1

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Entering a Room: Professionally or Socially.

Upon entering a room, whether it is a social or professional situation, greet everyone (even if it is only
one person) by saying, good morning, good afternoon or good evening...depending on the time of day. If people are already engaged in a conversation, say "excuse me, i f I many, I would like to speak to you, to the person to whom you'd like to address.

Proper behavior required that you acknowledge the humanity of other individuals. An exchange of greeting is essential to creating a gracious first impression, in addition to increasing the probablity of
a congenial exchange between parites. A pleasant, natural smile helps, as well."

Excerpt from: Madame Authuretta Bozell's Guide to Manners, Deportment and Proper Behavior.

See ya' tomorrow!
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