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photograph by orit ben haim
The last time I rode a NYC subway was 14 years ago before we moved to France. Even though people have told me about "sightings" of people reading my novels on subways, busses on various rail road lines, I have never personally had the priviledge to witnessed this.

Two months ago, this young lady was spotted reading the hardcover edition of Gingersnaps: a novel...published in 1998.

It thrills me even more to see someone reading it who is at least a generation younger than the author.


"Being able to see what a stranger is reading, provides an opportunity to make a connection — and not just judge a book by its cover. Reading in public is a kind of “vulnerability,” she points out." ~~ the photographer Orit Ben Haim

The Underground New York Public Library is a photo series featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways. The photos come together as a visual library.
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