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I promise you fresh stuff on the next posts...in the meantime, after speaking to my Mother in NYC today who had just worked on the polls for the Presidential primary, I have decided to post this reprint of mine:

From afar, I watched in disbelief.
A relatively unknown  Read More 
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Why do I find the article below hysterically funny? Check out this link!


Okay...okay...I'll tell you at a later date.
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The Odor of Mendacity


Although we lived in the North, my family maintained property in both Mississippi and Alabama for generations. My mother’s family originates in Alabama and my Dad’s family, Mississippi. Although my two brothers and I were born and raised in New York City, we spent most  Read More 
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The 2,000,005rh Reason I Fled

I subscribe to a newspaper called: The Root. It never ceases to amaze me how unevolved we are back in the States after over 500 years of American style Eurocentric rule. Perhaps we are simply cursed! And it wouldn't take much imagination as to why this would be the case!

Here goes:

Excerpt from  Read More 
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America...Invest in a Pair of Eyeglasses...PUL-EESE!!!

I was on a transatlantic flight not long ago, where I decided to watch a re-run of The Bill Cosby Show.
Although decades had passed, I clearly recalled the controversy it elicited throughout the nation…particularly among it’s black population. There had been outraged cries of “Blacks don’t live like that!”, “
"This  Read More 
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Transference Is the Reason

Why is something like this circulating? It’s not as if I’m lacking in a sense of humor; it’s just that I don’t understand the basis of this joke.

During my University years, I had a number of Caucasian roommates who never ceased to be amazed and ultimately expressed various forms  Read More 
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Bad Manners and Repugnant Behavior According to Whoopie

So, yesterday I finished reading Whoopie Goldberg’s book, Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out there? This, to me, was a hilarious book which basically implied that the United States has become a nation of arrogant and smug Philistines!

I would like to share with you a joke from her chapter:  Read More 
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