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Woody Allen's Lost Generations

Woody Allen and Cast Members
While in New York we decided to see “ The Woodster’s “ latest movie, Midnight in Paris at the Lincoln Square Cinema, on the Upper West Side. The devastatingly gorgeous opening scenes of Paris actually seem to reveal that his love for the physical beauty of Paris equals his love of the physical attributes of  Read More 
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Filling the Void

Why do writers write? Because it isn't there.
~ Thomas Berger
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Paying Up On A Karmic Debt

"Mishie" Dominique Strauss Kahn's "maid"
The most plebeian issues are dominating the news these days.

Why are journalists discussing the fact that successful, elderly European men are choosing to destroy their careers and families for the sexual favors of colored maids?

Perhaps the seeds of these men's despair are hidden in their surnames: schwartzenegger....strauss-kahn

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Blind Critism

French Drivers' License
J’en ai marre !!!!!

The tourist season has officially begun here on the French Riviera. What always arrives with the hordes is the inevitable and harsh criticism of French driving habits.

I’d like to intercept a bit with this blog before the Anglophones really start getting flagrant down here!

Everyone knows that anyone’ Read More 
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Advice to Editors

"It's a damn good story. If you have any comments, write them on the back of a check."
~Erle Stanley Gardner
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A Bright Light During Stressful TImes

(Baroness Cecile DeMassy founder of Ladies Lunch Association d’Aide à l’Enfance et à l’Adolescence, Monaco, accompanied by ,left to right) Charlene Wittstock, future Pricess of Monaco, Prince Albert of Monaco, Baroness Cecile DeMassy, Mme. Celina deLafuente de Lavotha) Photo by: Pascale Digeaux

an interview by Delorys Welch-Tyson with Baroness Cecile DeMassy, Founder of Ladies Lunch Monaco

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

This blog is  Read More 
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Transference Is the Reason

Why is something like this circulating? It’s not as if I’m lacking in a sense of humor; it’s just that I don’t understand the basis of this joke.

During my University years, I had a number of Caucasian roommates who never ceased to be amazed and ultimately expressed various forms  Read More 
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The Secret to Good Writing

"You gotta have swine to show you where the truffles are."
~Edward Albee, playwrite
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The Chic of French Women?!?

Ask any French Woman and she will most likely tell you that of all the world’s women, Italian (ie: Sophia Loren) and Black American (ie: Tina Turner) women are the most chic and age the most gracefully. I can attest to this having lived in France for over a decade.

In my personal  Read More 
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Advice To Aspiring Writers

If you are looking for commercial success, study the books on the bestseller lists and select your target audience.
If you are an artist, write what you want and study the craft.
In preparing for your success and/or reconitionsl, take martial arts because there will be all kinds of folks out there waiting  Read More 
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