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Ettiquette for the Young Homies in the USA: Part2

Another excerpt from Madame Authuretta Bozelle's Guide to Manners Deportment and Proper Behavior:

Mating Rituals

An Affair is Not the same as a one-night stand. An Affair involves two people who are attracted to one another in more ways than the physical, although it naturally begins with at least a spark of  Read More 
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Manners for the "Homies": Part 1

(google image)
Entering a Room: Professionally or Socially.

Upon entering a room, whether it is a social or professional situation, greet everyone (even if it is only
one person) by saying, good morning, good afternoon or good evening...depending on the time of day. If people are already engaged in a conversation, say "excuse  Read More 
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In response to the general reactions of the American public to the murder of Trayvon Marin by George Zimmerman, I would like to offer a quote fro a novel by E.Lynn Harris, entitled Invisible Life:

"Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck...but then again, it might not  Read More 
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The 2,000,005rh Reason I Fled

I subscribe to a newspaper called: The Root. It never ceases to amaze me how unevolved we are back in the States after over 500 years of American style Eurocentric rule. Perhaps we are simply cursed! And it wouldn't take much imagination as to why this would be the case!

Here goes:

Excerpt from  Read More 
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Poaching For Euros: Part 2

Several fellow bloggers have expressed confusion concerning a statement I made on a previous blog entitled Poaching for Euros.

This is the statement: “When a woman enters a foreign culture she instantly acquires the status of the women of that culture. Remember that.”

I believe that my intent in the use of the word  Read More 
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We tend to rent or buy our French movies because we find it rather penible to sit through a French movie in the theater. When one considers the various regional accents, dialects and all, I usually use the hearing impaired mode as well, to help me along.

Sometimes a French movie plot line vaguely  Read More 
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Blaxpat Quote For February

author/artist, Barbara Chase Ribaud
“ too muh love like too much rain begets large and bloody pools of discontent. I see my winter marked in your eyes. Whoever told you I was perfection?” excerpt from Valide by Barbara Chase Ribaud
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My French Destiny 2012

Who are deeze guys?
Sometimes, I feel a little queezie. Especially on days when I allow my self to contemplate too profoundly on my life, here, in France. I start wondering what will become of us (my husband and I) since we have placed our destiny in the hands of these people:

Nevertheless, each time I slip into  Read More 
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I'm Not Joking: Election 2012

(google image)Condoleezza Rice
Regardless of who wins in the Republican primary, I wonder what kind of curve-ball reaction there would be if he would chose either Condoleezza Rice or some one like Angela McGlowan as a running mate?
No…I’m not a devil’s advocate. I just found 2011 quite dull!

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Is Immitation Truly Flattery? Or Not!

Charles Caleb Colton (1782-1832) was an English cleric, author and art collector who was also well known for his eccentricities. The quote, “Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” has been attributed to this gentleman.

The menorah is described in the Bible as the seven-branched ancient lampstand made of gold and used in the  Read More 
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